High accuracy measuringtransformer / Invoicing CT


Solid core current transformer / Voltage transformer

High accuracy measuring transformer / Invoicing CT

Current measuring and energy metering in transformer stations HTA/BT from 100 to 2000 A


Multi-caliber transformers offer a large
versatility during installation by making
possible the adaptation to the required
power without changing equipment.
They improve the power supply continuity by
limiting the interventions and interruptions
on the grid.

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High measuring accuracy
The very high precision class 0,2 s
guarantees an optimal metering, even in the
case of low charge.
The precision class 0,2 s means that the
measurement has an error rate of 0,2 % on an
extended range from 20 to 120 % of the nominal
caliber (In) and has a specified precision from
1 % of In.

These transformers are accredited by distributors for power invoicing.

Key strengths

Quick installation

3 types of fastening for all kind of assembly
- on connector board
- on DIN rail
- on bars, by isolated centering

Secure and easy connection

- Secondary circuit connection: terminal block for 6 mm² cables.

- Specific double connection for safety during caliber switch (short cut) and adaptation to primary cable direction

- Possibility to seal the cover in order to prevent unauthorized change of the caliber.