QSE policy


Expert en magnétisme, notre mission s'exprime de la manière suivante:

"Nous sommes engagés dans la préservation et la promotion de notre territoire, avec des femmes et des hommes passionnés, heureux d'imaginer et fabriquer les solutions ingénieuses et écoresponsables qui font gagner nos clients dans leurs applications de mesure, de surveillance et de conversion d'énergie."

In order to achieve our mission and continue to grow, we are implementing a business strategy in line with the orientations of the SOCOMEC Group and which is based on the following 3 axes:

  • Growth: Being the center of excellence of the SOCOMEC sensor division and leader in targeted applications
  • Excellence: Being a model company where people are happy to come to work
  • Performance: Being a chosen partner for its expertise and professionalism

It is within this strategic framework that we have developed our Quality, Safety, and Environment policy and made the following fundamental commitments to our customers, our employees, our partners and regarding our impact on the environment:


Increase customer satisfaction: By respecting the promised delivery times and flawless quality, By providing technical solutions that meet their requirements, in particular reliability, performance and competitiveness, Through a range of innovative, high-performance sensors and components adapted to applications in harsh environments, By providing IoT solutions based on energy harvesting


Develop the culture of continuous progress among our employees: By establishing working conditions capable of developing initiative and commitment, By promoting suggestions for improvement and evaluating the results, By developing a local production tool that is both flexible and modern, By sharing and capitalizing on good practices and knowledge


Building effective and lasting partnerships: Based on their capacity and willingness to respect their commitments in terms of quality, costs, deadlines, By selecting actors concerned with controlling their social and environmental impacts, Through the establishment of strategic co-development agreements, Through collaborative approaches and local sectors


Apply the principles of sustainable development: By protecting the environment by complying with legal and normative requirements relating to our activities, and by integrating eco-design into our future products, By ensuring healthy, motivating and safe working conditions, By optimizing our energy consumption and the valorization of our waste, By developing the HSE culture of our employees



We are committed to devoting the necessary resources as well as to continuously improving our QSE management system with the aim of satisfying all of our interested parties.


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