Embedded converters


Your products are installed in moving equipment like train, rocket, missile, Formula 1, … then you understand why RELIABILITY and LIFE SPAN are the key words.

When your embedded converter stops working because of a poor quality gate drive transformer…

When after few years you have to change your converter and pay retrofit costs because of partial discharge in the magnetic component …

Then you surely wonder why you have chosen to spare few euros using low cost or standard magnetics instead of requesting TCT to develop the ONE you NEEDED.

At TCT, we have more than 50 years in design and manufacturing of magnetic component, from the core itself to the complete component.

Our products are compliant with the most demanding technical characteristics in terms of partial discharges, leakage inductance, parasitic capacitance, dielectric strength, high frequency, reduced size…..

We have products mounted on train, subway, Formula 1, missile, helicopter, robotic arms, tramway… In every moving equipment using power conversion you find TCT’s products! ...

Come and design your converter with us, we will help you to get the best one!