Current transformer


Les transformateurs de courant TCT sont des dispositifs électriques utilisés pour mesurer le courant électrique dans les circuits de haute et basse tension. Ils sont souvent utilisés dans les systèmes de distribution électrique, les systèmes de surveillance de la qualité de l'énergie et les systèmes de protection des équipements électriques.


How do the TCT current transformers works ?

The TCT current transformers function based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. The device generally comprises a magnetic core in Iron-Silicon, Iron-nickel or Nanocrystalline and a primary winding in which passes through the current to measure. When the current passes through the primary winding, a magnetic field is generated around it. This magnetic field creates a voltage in the secondary winding, which is proportional to the current passing through the primary winding. This voltage is then converted into a current measurement.

Current transformers applications

The current transformers are used in many applications, such as electrical power distribution systems, power quality monitoring systems and electrical devices protection systems. The current transformers are used in wide variety of markets: railway, electrical network management, nuclear with a range of safety current transformers, aeronautics, defense, medical, smart Grid, welding and many others.

In the electrical power distribution systems, the current transformers are used to measure the current in all electrical systems of an industrial installation. These measurements are used to monitor the electrical system conditions and to detect failures or overloads.

In the power quality monitoring systems, the current transformers are used to monitor the voltage fluctuations and the harmonics in the electrical network. These measurements are important to guarantee the proper operating of the electrical devices and to avoid failures.

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