Split corebalance transformer ΔIP-R

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Split core transformer

Split core balance transformer ΔIP-R

Split core ΔIP-R

The implementation of protection or monitoring means like differential relays involves the use of core balance transformers.

These cores, enclosing the active conductors, realize the differential sum of vector currents, and thus reveal a leakage current.

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Perfectly suited for refurbishment, the split core transformer ΔIP-R realizes the differential sum of vector currents, and thus reveals a leakage current. They meet your requirements in terms of measurement accuracy and easy installation for critical applications, where the power breakdown must be avoided.

Technical characteristics

Split Core Balance Current Transformer

Key strengths

Quick installation

  • The split core transformers ΔIP-R enable an easy and quick installation thanks to their innovative "one-click" opening/closing system. They offer a real time saving during assembly.

Measurement accuracy

  • The split core transformers have a completely winded core which guarantees a higher precision and an accurate measurement.
  • Safe installation
    • The split core transformers ΔIP-R have been designed with an innovative "one-click" opening/closing system, without additional insert, which guarantees a safe installation.

Multiple fastenings

  • Assembly on DIN rail
    • On connector boards or directly on cable: the cores ΔIP-R can be adapted to all setting situation for an easier and quicker assembly/cabling.
  • Patented centering tool
    • The flexible centering tool is a patented innovation from the group. It is used to center the cable inside the core in order to guarantee measurement accuracy and to improve the protection against grid electrical pollution. It also enables a direct assembly of the core on the cable.