Solutions IoT & Récupération d’énergie

Solutions IoT& Récupération d’énergie

Les solutions IoT e-green offertes par TCT résultent d'une avancée innovante, qui consiste à récupérer de l'énergie par induction ou Energy Harvesting. Notre gamme de solutions englobe diverses options, allant d'un système d'alimentation autonome pour capteur IoT à un capteur de courant Autonome compatible avec les protocoles de communication BLE et LoRaWAN.

How does Energy Harvesting Work ?

Energy harvesting through induction around an electrical cable involves using a receiving coil near the current-carrying cable (TCT's e-green solution). When electric current flows through the cable, it generates a magnetic field around it, in accordance with Biot-Savart's law. The receiving coil is placed near this magnetic field, and as the current varies in the cable, it induces an electric current in the receiving coil via electromagnetic induction.

This induced current can be used to power electronic devices or be stored in a battery for later use. This technology is useful for harvesting energy from existing electrical cables, such as overhead power lines or underground cables, to power sensors, IoT devices, or other applications requiring a self-sufficient power supply. It reduces reliance on traditional power sources and contributes to energy efficiency.

Applications and uses of IoT Sensors

Discover the connected future with our range of sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT). These small intelligent devices open up a world of endless applications, from environmental monitoring to smart resource management. Measure, analyze, and optimize in real-time with our cutting-edge sensors, offering seamless integration into your IoT solutions. Whether you're in the service sector, home automation, or industry, our versatile sensors turn data into actionable insights, propelling your business towards efficiency and innovation. Dive into the IoT revolution with our reliable e-green sensors and move towards a connected and intelligent future.


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