Conditions of use of the TCT website

Publication and hosting

Name: TCT, Tores Composants Technologies
Registered office:  ZA de la Turlurette 58160 Sauvigny-les-Bois France
Phone: 33 3 86 90 77 55
Trade & Companies Register: 428 862403, Nevers
Registered capital: 450 000 Euros

Publishing manager
Ludovic de TERNAY

Site host
Address: 13 Rue Hannah Arendt, 67200 STRASBOURG (France)
Phone: +33 (0)3 88 99 02 82


Content reproduction permission

The TCT web content means the general structure, the texts, the animated or not animated images and the sounds which illustrate the website
The users of the website  are allowed to use the content of the website for private purposes.
Any other use, especially commercial, or retransmission toward external public is prohibited without the express prior consent of TCT. The user must send an email to the editorial manager (commercial(at) to receive his agreement. It will state in his email the context, the desired duration of reproduction, the kind of website, the presentation planed,... his name, the name of the organization or the company, the URL address of his website and his contact details incliding a valid email adresse.
Any public or private website that would use repeatedly certain content from must obtain formal prior consent of TCT.
Photographs and other images available on the website are not copyright free. It can only be used with the agreement of the companies mentionned in the pictures credits.
The information from the website can not be used without prior verification by the reader and TCT can not be held direct or indirect responsible of the consequences araising from use, access and interpretation of the provided information.
The violation of all above conditions subject the offender and any other person responsible to the civil and criminal penalties under the french law.


Any public or private website is autorized to set up a hyperlink from the home page Links made on specific pages from the website (deep linking) are subjected to prior authorization from the editorial manager.
The URL of the targeted webpage must be clearely indicated. The website from the user must not display the website of TCT as his own, distorting the content of the target website, refrain from clear indication that the user is directed to the website The webpages from the internet website of TCT must not be nested inside other websites, but can be displayed in a new window.
The hypertext links set up within the creation of this website toward other sources existing on the internet, could not engage the responsibility of TCT.

Update from imprint

TCT reserve the right to update this legal notice at any time, depending on the evolution of the site content and necessary additional constraints protections. TCT invites then all users to visit this page at every visit on the website to take notice.