TCT ensures a perfect control of the core and the electromagnetic components


Expert in magnetism, from design to manufacturing

From R&D to quality control, we have the expertise and the resources needed to design, produce and test the electromagnetic solution that matches your application. From standard product to tailor-made solutions, either co-developed or outsourced at TCT, you will find the right answer to your questions.

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Conception de solutions électromagnétiques, standard ou sur-mesure


Engineering and design of electromagnetic solutions and wound passive components. We also provide expertise of magnetic core and components analysis and research on magnetic alloys for various applications.

Traitement thermique de noyaux magnétiques, sous hydrogène, azote ou champ magnétique

Heat treatment and insulation

After insulating the tape, magnetic cores receive a heat treatment up to 1200°C under nitrogen or hydrogen or with magnetic field in order to achieve your requested magnetic characteristics.

Enrobage de noyaux, tores, pièces magnétiques

Epoxy coating

This is a process of depositing a layer of epoxy resin on heated magnetic cores. This coating is listed H class (180°C) and is a mechanical protection, an anti-corrosion and an electrical insulation. We guarantee different thicknesses.

Application de vernis d’imprégnation sous vide et pression ou par gravité


A method of applying impregnation varnish under vacuum, through spraying, or dipping to give a magnetic core its mechanical rigidity or ensure wound passive components an electrical insulation.

Moulage sous vide pour décharges partielles élevées et hauts niveaux diélectriques

Overmolding and potting

This a special vacuum process using specific resins in order guarantee low partial discharge levels and high dielectrical strength.

Tests et contrôles magnétisme

Tests and controls

TCT controls and sets up computer based test standards of all its products during the first prototyping phase. We work with dielectrical, partial discharge and pulse test benches, all dedicated to magnetic applications.