Quality & standards


Logo Directive européenne RoHSThe quality of our products and the satisfaction of our customers is what drives us

In addition, we are working on Eco-design of our products using 100% recyclable magnetic alloys. The components used such as copper wire, varnishes or resins are carefully chosen to limit hazardous substances according to the European Directive RoHS (2002/95/CE) and to avoid chemicals regarding REACH regulation published 01.06.2007 (1907/2006).

Rigorous quality control

• Characterization of new products
• Input inspection
• Control after heat treatment
• Final Inspection


• Validation in our measurement and tests laboratory
• Material validation and compliance with specifications
• Magnetic and electrical properties validation of cores
• Mechanical, magnetic and electrical validation of 100% finished products


Quality controle

We ensure delivery of high precision measurements of your prototypes and your final products. We record our individual product tests results.
• Automatic partial discharges test bench (programmable voltage curves up to 20kV)
• Dielectrical test bench (up to 20kV)
• Insulation resistance measurement bench (up to 1kV)
• Magnetic cores permeability and losses measurement bench (frequencies between 20 Hz and 200 kHz )
• Automatic electrical characterization bench (turn ratio, winding resistance, leakage inductance, parasitic capacitance, impedance…)
• Automatic current transformer test bench (standards compliant, phase displacement and current error, frequencies from 16Hz 2/3 to 400Hz)
• Pulse transformer test bench (rise time and U*t measure)



Logo Normes IECLogo Norme ULWe design cores and components in accordance with international standards and your own constraints:
• IEC 61869 standards for measurement transformers
• IEC 60529 standards for IP protection degree
• IEC 62262 standards for IK protection degree
• IEC 45545 standards for fire and smoke protection
• UL 61010 standards



Our ISO 9001 certification ensures you a high quality of work for your technologies at the forefront of innovation:
• Medical
• Military
• Railway
• Aerospace
• Public distribution


Our assets

icone-expertise_65x65.png Unique expertise and forefront equipment
• Design of tape wound magnetic cores: includes suitable alloy definition and technical characteristics analysis
• Mechanical design of wound electromagnetic components: engineering of component integration including plastic housing
• Special heat treatment: up to 1200°C, under nitrogen or hydrogen or with magnetic fields


icone-savoir-fr_65x65.png A know-how to serve the forefront applications
TCT is able to define the most suitable magnetic core for your application. Three types of products exist at TCT:
• Tape wound magnetic cores: Wound toroids based on various alloys (Fe-Ni, Fe-Co, Fe-Si, Nanocrystalline). These cores can be delivered impregnated under vacuum or not, epoxy coated and/or cut.
• Laminated or machined magnetic parts: these parts will be heat treated with the suitable program according to the alloy chosen and the magnetic properties required.
• Custom design electromagnetic components: mechanical engineering, overmolding and potting, insulations, windings and protection in housing. TCT has also the possibility to test partial discharges.


icone-maitrise_65x65.pngTotal control from design to manufacturing
• Full process under control: specifications, design, industrialization and production. All these steps are controlled by TCT.
• Collaborative development: TCT designs the product for your application together with your teams based on specifications