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TCT, Tores Composants Technologies
Our expertise in magnetism to serve your application

Our assets

icone-expertise_65x65.pngUnique expertise and forefront equipment

Design of tape wound magnetic cores
Mechanical design of wound electromagnetic components
Special heat treatment

icone-savoir-fr_65x65.png Our expertise to satisfy your forefront applications

We define the kind of core suitable for your applications
• Tape wound magnetic cores
• Laminated or machined magnetic parts
• Custom design electromagnetic components

icone-maitrise_65x65.png Total control from design to manufacturing

We ensure to you a complete project management
• Full process under control
• Specifications
• Design
• Industrialization
• Production

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Tailor-made solutions and


For all your applications and whatever your industry, our expertise and our resources allow us to meet your needs.


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THE QUALITY: a major goal

We are ISO 9001 certified and design components according to the IEC international standards. An even more demanding  quality control allows to make quality one of our strengths..

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